Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - Under the Weather

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't been very active lately. We have been battling a big bad virus at our house complete with stomach issues, high fevers and ear infections. It first hit my 5 year old last week and he was having bouts of fevers upwards of 104 degrees. We had a couple of visists to the ER with him. He was wiped out. I was scared to death for him, I have never seen him so sick. He missed almost a week of school. Then it hits my 3 year old, not as bad as it hit his big brother, mainly because we got it under control quickly. Then it was mine and my husbands turn this past weekend. I am still not feeling the best and my head feels like it's going to pop at any minute, however, I took lots of vitamin C and other immunity building supplements and I am convinced if not for that it could have been worse.

I did get some exciting news this past week, I got a new job within my company. It is full time which includes benefits (READ:  CHEAP(er)HEALTH INSURANCE!) and I am super excited. One of my best friends also got the position with me and we have made a plan to use our breaks and lunches towards good health and be sure to focus on healthy foods and activity together. Looking forward to that!

So not much more to report. We have been working/going to school/stuck at home on the weekends for the past 3 weeks now and it is getting old quick-like!

I apologize to our Mamavation Moms, I haven't been able to give them my full attention, and I praise Shannon (@ariesmommy) for picking up my slack. Love you FOREVER for that girl.

Pardon my nasty feet. I haven't had a pedi in I don't know how long... It's on my Christmas list...