Sunday, April 14, 2013

#Mamavation Monday - Whoa Nelly!

Hi friends! Thought I jumped ship, didn't ya?

I am still around, just been dealing with family matters and my own health. I have been having stomach issues again for about 2 months now and it has drug me to the ground. I recently started some new medications which have really helped me in my daily life. I had been suffering with some depression and anxiety for well over a year now and I finally found a doctor who took the time to listen to my concerns. Since then I feel like someone has opened the curtains and let the light back in. I still have days when I feel down in the dumps, but I don't seem to get stuck there!

I am ready to get back to my healthy ways now that everything has slowed down. I stocked up at the grocery store, signed back in to my MyFitnessPal account, and am charging up my FitBit. I am starting slow with activity and focusing on nutrition initially. 

My work schedule changed and I am working late in the evenings now which is really hard on me and my family. It does, however, give me more time in the mornings to get my food ready for the day and get some activity in.

So here's to a good week!