Friday, August 13, 2010

Fight the Scale Friday 8/13/10

Hi everyone! :) This has been a really good week. I started focusing on getting more activity, and I ate really well. I tried hummus again this past week and I really like it (just not the garlic flavor with carrots, yuck.) I also found out that a nearby gym is giving away free memberships that last through the end of this year! I am SO getting one! The facility is very nice, they have a cardio theatre, a women's fitness room, a coed room, a dry heat sauna, tanning, and massages! Best of all, the owner is a Christian!

On to the weigh in...

Last week's weight

This week's weight...
(-2.0 lbs)
And that is a total of 20 lbs lost since the end of May!!

Make sure to visit Krystal, over at The Clever Mommy Chronicles, and cheer her on as she loses weight!

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