Wednesday, January 26, 2011

embRACE Fitness Headbands - A review

I recently had the opportunity to review an awesome product called embRACE bands! 

What are embRACE bands?
embRACE band are fitness headbands that keep hair and sweat off your face AND stay in place!

Straight from the embRACE Website:
Life is not a race, but it often feels like one. Including exercise in your daily life can help you go the distance. An active lifestyle can positively support you both emotionally and physically.  For me, staying active has given me the strength to weather the toughest stages of this race. 

Whether your goal is to walk to the bustop and stretch or to run your first race, embRACE bands can help make embracing an active lifestyle easier and exciting. Let’s face it, things that fit well make exercise much more enjoyable. 

For many, we spend more time at the gym than we do out on the town. We should invest in our clothes and accessories to reflect that. I actually get more excited about going to the gym after making a new bag or band.

embRACE an active lifestyle
We all know that the gym won’t pay off if we only go once or twice, so don’t fight it, embrace it. Just like a hug, hold exercise close to you.  Make it a priority.  Make it a lifestyle. Let embRACE bands help!

Who is embRACE?
I am a blessed mother of two who has taught group fitness on and off for the last 18 years.  I grew up playing many sports and learned (the hard way!) that I need to stay active in order to keep the weight off.   But, over time, I learned a more important lesson, keeping active helps me feel better physically and emotionally.   After having kids, it was easier to get back on the treadmill and shed the baby weight.  During tough challenges in my daily life, I sweat away my frustration.

Unlike some die-hards, I can't workout all the time.  I also enjoy sewing and being creative and with embRACE bands I do just that.    I make all of the embRACE products by hand and love to play around with new ideas, colors, and patterns so keep them coming!

I was very excited when CarolLynn agreed to send me an embRACE band to review! I will admit, with the holidays, etc, etc, I did not get the chance to use enough to really give an accurate review. Until now. Since I became a Mamavation Mom over a week ago, I have had my share of sweaty walks and workouts. I have used the embRACE band many times in the past couple weeks, and what can I say? It does it's job! I did not have to worry about sweat dripping into my face, and when I took the band off, it was completely soaked! The bands are very absorbent. I did have a little slipping, and had to adjust the band a couple times during each workout, but I wear it further back on my head than I believe it is intended. On the underside of these bands is a soft, absorbent layer of velour which not only keeps the band from slipping, but provides that extra layer to keep the sweat out of your face. There are so many different styles and patterns to choose from. I absolutely love the band that CarolLynn sent me, pink and brown happen to be two of my favorite colors! 

Here are some pictures of the product in use by me!

My preferred way of wearing the embRACE band

Very cute logo on the inside of the band, it seems to be ironed on, so it causes no irritation and doesn't catch in your hair!

For extremely sweaty workouts, I wear the embRACE band closer to my forehead for maximum sweat absorption! It also does a great job of keeping my bangs out of my eyes.

Overall I give the embRACE bands an A! Very affordable, many styles to choose from, and does what it is supposed to do. 

Check out CarolLynn's full line of embBrace bands at her website,

Thank You CarolLynn for being patient with me and for allowing me to review your product!

I was provided an embRACE band absolutely free with no compensation for my review.

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