Sunday, July 3, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - Training takes discipline

Hiya gals! How is it going this week? So far so good here! I am excited to celebrate Independence Day with my family.

How did well did you manage to eat healthy over the holiday weekend (4th of July and Canada Day)? Any tips for the rest of the summer?
Well I am writing this on Sunday, but I plan on loading up on veggies and lean protein. I know there are going to be lots of desserts that I LOVE so if I do indulge it will be only a teeny serving of each! I am also planning on staying outside most of the time to stay active with the kids! I may even initiate a group walk around the neighborhood! 

So as you all know, I am training for a 5K. Training is hard. It takes discipline and lots of it! Lots of, "Wow, it's early, and I really wanna turn back over and go to sleep", but as you all know, that gets you nowhere fast. It's super easy to make excuses, and when excuses are made it makes you feel horrible later. So my new saying, "Make excuses, feel bad about it later. Get up and train, feel good and good about it!" I know, not that catchy, but it works! 

I am super excited for this next campaign to get up and running! There are some great applicants out there and I think any choice that is made will be a great one. Whoever wins, take full advantage of the tools you are given to succeed. I worked my tail off, but then when it wass all over I thought and still think to this day, "how could I have worked harder? what could I have done to have made it more effective for me!?" This goes back to discipline! You gotta have it ladies!! That and a good planner. Write down everything. From your workouts, to your meals and meetings/calls with mentors.

Here is my weight this week. Not great, I am in a bit of a slump, need a kick in the butt! Care to give me one? (  Y  ) (teehee!)


Have an awesome week and see you all tomorrow evening!


Shanda said...

Good for you. Races are a great way to get motivated to train harder...and that might get you over the weight loss slump too.

MNMSpecial said...

Pretty toes! I can only imagine the work that you are putting in to accomplish your 5K. Your doing great for all the health obstacles you've been thrown.
I think you have a great plan for summer/the holiday. Have fun for me!

Elena @CiaoMom said...

you are so right about needing discipline. It would be so easy to just stay in bed, but you are a rockstar for sticking with it!

Aries Mommy said...

Good luck on your training. I really wish there was a way to disable the snooze button;) It is all too easy to stay in bed a little longer.

kia said...

I am so excited for you and your training. Love you to pieces sweetie!!!

Lena said...

Awesome job on training. W2G
Love seeing you around again.

Shelley said...

I've noticed a renewed sense of energy and discipline from you lately and couldn't be prouder - I ADORE you and love following on your journey. :)