Monday, November 1, 2010

#Mamavation Monday - Operation Avoid Halloween Candy: FAIL

*Just for the record, the Halloween candy has since been disposed of!*

So, here is a quick run down of my week in case you didn't want to sit through my long, scattered video... I started out strong Monday and Tuesday, working out lots, and drinking a GRIP of water each day, I had lost 2 lbs by Wednesday then Halloween candy took over my life and I gained those 2 lbs back (and then some)! Thanks to said Halloween candy I feel like junk. No energy, stomach ache and pounding head. Can you say "Halloween Candy hangover"? This is my last week at my old job, it's going to be an emotional one! Planning on drinking lots of water and eating tons of greens this week!

Scale pic... *SMILE*
265.6 (+1.2)
This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by Subway and the #commit2fit campaign! Jared will be running the marathon soon, and I will be interviewing him over the phone afterwards! Can't wait!

Congrats to Lorrie @cuteangel79 for being named our SOTW! Way to go Lorrie, and thanks for your support!


kia said...

Kimberly, I hope you tummy feels better soon. Do take this as a precursor to what the rest of the holiday season has in store. Work out your strategy now so that sweets don't wreck the rest of your 2010.

~Lori~ said...

Hope your tummy feels better soon. Shake off the bad choices. We all make them..and Im sure most of us made them this weekend with the halloween candy. We are not perfect....we can do this together!

lorrie said...

hugs i know what you mean about a letdown with the scale, i did the 5k in the morning then i did snack a bit and not sure if my gain is from muscle or that.

thank you so much im glad you find me supportive, good luck with your new job you are going to do great hugs. looking forward to getting to know you better

elenka29 said...

This is another week and lots of liquid is a way to go. I did two pounds, so it is working. You mentioned on my blog, that you'd like to be 200 lb. And I wanted to be under 200 so much, so when I reached it, I got two excited and quit. I know, it is stupid. Good luck with finishing well on the old job.

The Simple Jocabell Life said...

Hope your belly feels better. Drink lottsa water!! This week is a new week so keep your head up!! You can do this!!

mnmspecial said...

Aww...So Sorry you were taken by the candy monster this week. You can recover from this and we can do it! I am a sugar freak too, so glad Halloween over!
WooHoo for the new job, Hugs for leaving the old job (I know that will be difficult).
This helped me feel better today
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Best part of last week??? IT'S OVER!!! you can move past this :)

Have a cup of Ginger Peach tea and know that you are in control again :) (even if just for the moment)

I'm here if you need to talk or anything - but you already knew that!!!


gretablau said...

I know how you feel. It's like Oh mY god, how did that happen? Takes you by surprise.

Don't be too hard on yourself. I know you feel bad about it, but live and learn. See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

It is TOTALLY possible to have a candy hangover! That sugar man. It can be insidious in its effects on us. My kids and I both woke up Monday morning holding our heads, saying "why did I do that to myself last night?!"

Good news? Halloween is over. And you DID lose 2 pounds, albeit temporarily. You can do it again.

Good luck this week. You can do it.

Pauline said...

I hate candy hangovers. (Yep, I know what they feel like, too.) Take heart, babe. It takes a lot to have a set back, admit the set back, and bounce back. you are rocking it. Remember that.