Monday, September 6, 2010

Tagged! Are you next?

My girl Lisa from over at tagged me! So here are the answers to the questions set forth by her... If you are tagged below, answer my questions, and link back on the linky below!

    * Do the terms “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” mean anything to you?
Absolutely not. Not into the whole vampire thing... :-| Don't shoot! I'm "Team Jesus" lol

    * If you could be a particular singer or musician, who would you be?
Francesca Batistelli. Her voice is so beautiful and the words of her songs are so meaningful to me!

    * If you could be on any game show, which one would it be and why?
The Biggest Loser. I am doing well losing weight, but I have always wanted to go on there and see how long I last before I start hysterically crying and screaming at Bob or Jill... Ha ha! No, but really, I used to beg my husband to let me apply to be on the show. At one time in my life I was convinced that  was going to be fat forever, and that nothing I did could change that. But boy, do I know better now!

    * What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
My boys! Particularly my youngest sleeping on the front screen, and my oldest at his school desk on the biggest screen.

    * What was your last vivid dream about?
I was trying to find a room that had treadmills in it and some girl kept re-directing me from it... (So, who wants to interpret that one??)

    * Do you have items that you never leave the house without?

My Gruve, Cell Phone, Purse(of course)

    * Describe your backyard!
My backyard is my upstairs neighbors front yard, we live in an apartment complex. But, if I had a backyard, it would be fenced, with a dog, or goat, or chickens and a swimming pool. lol Weird, I know.

    * What are the first five items you see when you open your junk drawer? (You know you have one!  We all do!)
Here goes... Finger nail clippers, Sinus and Allergy Medicine, Knitting Needles, Finger Nail Polish, and Arch supports.

    * How many loads of laundry do you have waiting to be washed?

More than I can count. I hate laundry so it doesn't get done until my days off from work. "What honey, you don't have any clean undershorts? Turn your dirty ones inside out!" (lol just kidding!!!)

    * What do you wish to pass on to your kids?
My new healthy lifestyle. My parents never taught my sister and I how to eat healthy, and never really encouraged us to be active. I want my kids to see me eating right, and exercising. I want them to know that it is an automatic thing that should be a part of their daily life, not something that they should choose to include.

My questions:
-What was your high school mascot?
-Pet Peeve? Please share!
-What is your guilty pleasure?
-What show are you anticipating coming back to TV this fall?
-Where did you go on your last vacation?
-Where do you want to go on your next vacation?
-What motivated you to start blogging?

Just to be honest, I am not sure who would or would not answer my questions and link up, So if you are reading this, then I tag you! Please come back and link up the post with your answers to my questions!


TheChickenista said...

Hi! I would love to be on the Biggest Loser too!! I need that motivating kick in the butt sometimes. LOL

Thanks for visiting and following me and my homeschool blog, I alson have a R&G blog if you'd like to follow.

Stephie C said...

Thanks for following! I am now following you back and mmmmmmmmmm blueberry cheesecake sounds like it smells divine!