Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To weigh 259 by 10/1!

So I was sitting around today thinking about what really makes my weight loss "clock" tick. I came up with a few things...
  • Support. I stay really motivated when I have someone to be accountable to. Like I mentioned in my recent Mamavation post, my family is not very supportive, in fact, sometimes they are more enablers than anything. It's not as if they are against weight loss: I get compliments and little congrats here and there, but I don't have anyone (in my fam) constantly pushing me! I have the Mamavation Sistahood to be supportive of me, and my co-workers are awesome motivators! They are whom I lean on right now.
  • Challenges. When I lost 50 lbs in 2007, I was doing it with a close friend. We would often challenge each other and that worked, so well. 
  • Goals. I set many mini-goals for myself in '07. Mostly I did 5 lbs goals, but that was small enough for me to set my eyes on and not get overwhelmed.
That last bullet is what I realized I need the most right now. I set small goals, like drinking more water, and eating more veggies, but I haven't set any small weight loss goals other than what I would like to weigh by my sister's wedding in March.

So this is my first mini-goal. I want to weigh 259 by October 1. That is 5 lbs from where I am at right now, and 28 lbs since I began losing weight at the end of May.


Laila said...

That is a very reasonable goal and I know you can do it!!

I wanted to lose 10lbs by my birthday 10/27...who knows what'll happen,lol.

Joy said...

Excellent goal! I need to start doing this again also. I was doing so well up until May and the just stopped what I was doing. I have since gained 8 lbs. I would love to be 20 lbs lighter by Christmas time. I am at 218 now. Okay, back on the bandwagon tomorrow! Thanks for posting this. I need to start doing my weekly post also.

Trish said...

Good goal! I lost 50 pounds last year and have made my goal of keeping it off for a year :) Now to lose the 30 pounds I still have to go to get to my original goal weight. I planned to start when school got well underway - and I think that time is here. Thanks for the motivational post!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Awesome goal! I know you can do it! I realized after reading your blog that I need to set smaller goals - I've got the big one, but some days it seems so out of reach. Keep up the great work!