Sunday, September 11, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - Schedule changes equals planning changes

Schedule changes can make life different. And staying on track is hard too, it takes dedication, planning and focus. After being a Mamavation Mom, twice, I have learned to not let myself get back into that lazy, "whatever goes" mode. A few days this week I did not plan my day according to my schedule and ended up going over on my calories for the day, because I was so hungry by the evening but was out of "planned" food. This comes along with a schedule change at work. I had planned my meals through the campaign based on my working day shift, so by 9pm at night, I was headed for bed. Now, I am working from 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm and so my previous meal plan does not fit my new schedule. So this week my goal is to focus on making a new meal (and workout) plan that fits my new schedule. I miss being able to come home in the evenings and walk outside in the coolness of the day, but when it comes to working and providing for my family, I haven't much of a choice. I love my job, and everything about it except for the unstable schedule.

I did not weigh myself this morning, I will tomorrow (Monday) and add my scale picture. I did have my monthly "visitor" to deal with plus a little added stress as my mother had her final eye surgery this week. Hopefully the scale doesn't reflect that.

Scale pic: +0.6 (Not bad!!)

I will probably be a little late to Mamavation TV now on Monday nights as it is around 10pm when I get home from work, but better late than never!

Have a great week ladies!


AndreaEmilien said...

It is hard to plan things around a schedule that is unstable. I hope you find something that works for you.

Have a good week!

MNMSpecial said...

Sounds like you have a great plan to stay prepared now. I think it will be great for you to have two schedules planned out in case there is another change.
You're awesome! Miss your vlogs :)

Amanda said...

Schedule changes do suck, but I'm sure you can work around it and figure something out. Good luck with finding a new plan that works for you!

Anonymous said...

That stinks about the schedule change, but I have every confidence that you'll figure it out.

Have an awesome week, Kimberly!

Aries Mommy said...

Hugs, good luck this week! Schedule changes are difficult to deal with. I miss you and hopefully we can catch up soon.

Wendy said...

Having schedules change really messes me up, too! Hope it all gets under control soon, and prayer for speedy healing going out to your mom, too!

Lena said...

I cannot handle schedule changes - Weekend out of town trip sets me off for at least a month. Luck!!

Katie said...

Look at you! You're taking what you've learned and you're applying it. I'm proud of you! That .6 is going to come right back off.

Happy Gramma said...

I will be praying for you, that you can reach your goals and face your challenges!
Due to some unexpected events that have occurred in our family this year, I have not been able to blog and I have really missed it. I am back now, maybe still on a limited basis, and I really look forward to connecting with everyone again.
Please visit me if you get a chance.