Thursday, June 3, 2010

Homeschool Village


Even though we are not officially homeschoolers, yet, I asked Stef, and she said I could participate! WOOT! So for the month of June we don't have anything official planned, we are still browsing through Pre-K curriculum (we will probably use AOP Horizons) and working on our letter & number workbooks. I foresee many trips to the library in our future this month! My little man is loving him some alphabet books! :)

I have been impacted by so many homeschooling moms so far! I have received many ideas, advice and encouragement from these sweet ladies. So here are a few whose blogs I couldn't go a week without reading!

I have many more bookmarked that I read, but unfortunately my computer is at the doctor and I am borrowing a friend's, next time I will share some more of my faves!!
Thanks to Stef for getting this all together! :) <3


D and A said...

Sounds great! Homeschooling is great (mostly) I listed a blog on my post that has a letter of the week program as a doenload, it might be helpful for you as well.

Amy @

Susan said...

Love to see everyone sharing our favorite places! :)

Mozer said...

Visiting from the Homeschool Village. Welcome to the homeschooling community too!