Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new weight loss weapon

How many diets have you tried?? I have tried more than I care to list here. I figure I have spent at least $2500 in gimmicks, materials, videos, etc., to try to lose weight. All this time I was doing the WRONG things! A great twitter friend of mine, @AprilLooWho suggested an online resource at Setting Captives Free called The Lord's Table. (And the best thing is, it's completely FREE!)
"The Lord's Table is not behavior modification with prayer assistance. It is not a 60-day diet plan, pills that guarantee weight loss, programs that focus on food, or methods that require us to count calories, fat grams, carbohydrates or sugar. We are about setting forth Christ as our soul's satisfaction, about calling ourselves to repentance from habits of overeating, and about maintaining accountability. This results in our developing habits of eating in a disciplined manner which produces weight loss and long term lifestyle changes."

It wasn't until just recently that I realized the my overeating was an addiction, an actual eating disorder. I just thought that I was a person that really enjoyed food, but that was so wrong, I was addicted to food. When I got stressed out, I ate. When the kids were being particularly ornery, I ate. When I was bored, I ate.  Many of you read my post on Thursday the 27th about my struggles. Like I posted, I was not including God in my daily struggles. Instead of turning to him when I was overwhelmed or depressed, I turned to food. And that has gotten me nowhere but extremely overweight. This course at Setting Captives Free has helped me tremendously over the last week! I never realized how much "diet" advice was in the Bible. Now when I feel the urge to binge, I have been feasting at The Lord's Table instead of stuffing my face, crouched in front of the refrigerator door.
"Feasting at the Lord's table" is a bit difficult to wrap words around, but let's try! Feasting at the Lord's Table is more than just reading our Bibles, it is a term to express the fattening of our souls in Jesus Christ. It means that we are sitting at the feet of Jesus, hearing His Word and believing, for the purpose of implementing the truths into our lives. It means we are receiving spiritual nourishment and that we are delighting our souls in His grace and truth. This can be done reading our Bibles, hearing God's Word preached, interacting with others, studying through this course...etc. This definition is at least a start, more is explained in the course."
I have learned that I was trying to lose weight for all the wrong reasons. Sure, it is great to want to buy smaller clothes, or "look good," but those things really do not glorify God. The first day of this course helps us to realize what the right reasons are for losing weight.

Another thing about this program that I love is that you are assigned your own Christian mentor who emails you after each course to comment on your progress and provide extra personal support if needed. My mentor, Liz, has been a blessing to me. She constantly lifts me up in prayer, and encourages me daily. 

I encourage you to browse around the Setting Captives Free website. They have courses for many different addictions/struggles. They also have a simple Bible Study program if you feel you need a little more of His word in your life!


Altered by Jenn said...

Thank you for sharing this Kimberly! Off to check it out! This is just what I was needing to see today :)

Mrs.B said...

wow, hubby and I were just talking about my weight problem, He mentioned in a sermon sunday laying aside the weights that beset us and the Lord spoke to me about my weight. Oh it isn't a sin to be over weight but sometimes what we do to become over weight is.

I shall be following this journey you are on.

I also have a weight loss blog. I am trying to motivate myself to lose this weight.

In HIS Keeping,

Krystal said...

What a fantastic way to go about losing weight! Love it!