Sunday, May 22, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - Constant Chaos!

Hi friends! This past week has been insane! Last Saturday I discovered many tiny bugs in our bathroom, and when I say tiny, I mean tiny, they are no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. There was a mama bird who had built her nest in our upstairs neighbors dryer vent which is above our bathroom and those bugs were Bird Mites!! If you know anything about those critters you know that they multiply very quickly and can take YEARS to get rid of! I cried when I found this out. When they get on you they are very itchy and their size makes it easy for them to hide away from any insecticides. My landlord came Monday and took the whole vent out. The baby birds in the nest were big enough to make it on their own, in fact they now are residing in the tree in front of our apartment and have since learned to fly! I still see a mite here or there but I think we got rid of the problem before it got too big. So needless to say my week has been filled with cleaning, vacuuming constantly, disinfecting and all kinds of cleaning routines to make sure those mites hit the road! 

My stomach has held up well this past week considering. I am working my way back into a routine. I expect to be released from my exercise restriction soon and will start training again for my 5K.  I need to find a new one, the one I was going to run was held on May 7th.

I saw the Mamavation Moms progress and holy smokes! You ladies rocked this campaign! I love looking at before and after pics! You ladies are some HAWT mamas! Congrats Angela, Andrea, Libby and Stacie on your successful completion of this past campaign!

Also congrats to Laila on being names SOTW! Laila has always been one of my favorite sistas! When I am out of it, or just not around she always shouts out to me to check on me! Not many people have done that so it really lifted me up!

I am working on getting back in the groove. Being sick along with a few other personal snafus have really thrown me off the past few months. I try getting back in there but when I do tweet sometimes I don't even get a single reply. :( I am not trying to get your sympathies but please pay close attention when a sista proclaims she is not doing so well. It really helps to have an encouraging word. It makes it all to easy too quit when it seems no one cares!

What keeps you from having healthy snacks on hand when you are out of the house?

I forget. Flat out. By the time I get myself ready, the kids ready and their stuff packed I realize I have forgotten about myself. I have however started keeping healthy snacks at my desk at work. Cranberries, Special K chips, FiberPlus bars and more...

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Oh and check out my scale pic, I have lost 0.8 lbs!!


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Owen's Mom said...

Congrats on your loss this week! Also glad to hear not only your unwanted visitors are under control, but your unwanted tummy issues have given you a break. Hope you have another great week.

Steph-Fit Mom in Training said...

I LOVE YOU KIMBERLEY!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Well not entirely. I wish I had seen your tweets. I miss being on twitter during the day but access at work is limited (given that our computers/software are from the dinosaur age). I think of you often though! Love ya girlie!

Megan said...

Oh sweetheart I wish I had more into twitter to catch up with you. I know how you feel so many things with those tummy issues. We just had a recent tummy snafu of our own with food allergies to anything containing histamines (which is in almost all food). I'm praying you can keep the pain away and get back to rocking your training for a 5K.
Big hugs and fingers crossed for a mite free house.

MrsFatass said...

Great job on your loss!

And I dealt with mites once, too. I have the sympathy heebie jeebies now.

Lena said...

Love having you back. I am around - just tweet - and always have something nice to say. I cannot run for the next campaign - Ambassadors of GF are not eligible 2b Mamavation Mom. I hope you have a great week

gretablau said...

If I had seen your tweets I would have responded! If you need to reach out to me, anytime email please!!! Or call or text. I'm here for you!

Having had fleas in our house and many other gross bugs, I totally relate on gross shit. But you let those birdies stay anyway! What a sweetie!!!

Hopefully soon enough you'll be looking back at this whole episode with your illness saying "Wow I'm glad that's over"

Love you, girl!!!

kia said...

Glad you got rid of those mites by noticing them early. I am super glad you may be released from restrictions too. I am sorry I was not there to answer you on twitter. I know almost every time I have asked for help it has fallen on deaf ears. I am not always around on twitter but will be checking in on you - I thought I was just giving you your space as you worked with your medical issues. I love you Kimberly, you are such a ray of light in our group.