Sunday, May 29, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - Drop the Kids Off at the Pool

 Eight. I have always liked the number eight. It's a nice number. Fun to write. Comes before nine but after seven. This week however, I am not liking number 8 very well. You see, that is how much weight I gained in the past week. To sum up this past week, it was stressful, my mother was pretty sick a couple of days, there was a birthday celebration in which the main dish was sodium, and I, well, my plumbing is kinda stopped up (if ya know what I mean). Pair all of the above with a good ole dose of PMS and you have a weeks worth of activites/physiology that equals 8 lb weight gain. I am pretty sure most of this will go pretty quickly as soon as I drop the kids off at the pool, but wow, 8 lbs in ONE week? It's not impossible! I did it!

So now, this week what am I doing to "move" things along? Well my first goal is to get 10K steps in everyday. (Greta is my butt kicker on this goal!) That tip that exercise keeps the digestive system moving is not a lie people! It works! Second goal: Drink more water. I used to be a water drinking QUEEN. Sadly my hydracoach has recently been sitting alone, display flashing, awaiting a cool refill of water and a quick push of the start button! Third goal: eat more fiber! I have never, ever been good at this. I really am not a fan of veggies. And I know, fiber is found in many more places than veggies, and I am focusing on that this week. I am also adding ground flax seed to my meals. (Awesome stuff, can't tell it's there!)

This coming weekend is Fitcation! I had a ticket, but had to release it due to my stomach. Doc was not happy with my flying or exercising intensely so I had to give it up. I am going to miss meeting everyone. I really am trying not to think about it too much this week, but I REALLY want to see some pics girls!

Hope you all have a great week! :)

What are your go-to tricks for when you need a confidence boost?
I talk to my DH. I know that no matter how much weight I have gained or lost, no matter what kind of week I have had, he tells me what a great mom/wife/person I am and always tells me I am beautiful. And if he hears me say otherwise, he calls me out on it. It's also nice to get all dolled up for work or just a trip to the grocery store!

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pauline said...

Hey babe. chin up and keep at it. You have the will to do it so just keep trying, one day at a time, and focus on each positive change you can make. parties suck for the hell they can make us and our scales go through, but look at it this way: instead of dwelling and diving into more sodium, you are moving forward. i can't go to fitcation either, so let's have a twitter party. ;) ha!

gretablau said...

Really bummed you won't be there, but you gotta take care of yourself. Get better!! It's an order! You know what though? You're still here. Still hanging in there and still have a great attitude. Love you, girl!!!

Will take lots of pics for you!

Owen's Mom said...

A quick 8 on, should be an easier 8 to lose. I think pointed out everything you need to change:

10K+ steps
Less Sodium
More Fiber

Guess what? I slacked on all of those last week, too. So could I be you buddy this week? We can tweet to encourage each other. I am going to get back to "best me" mode. Can I count you in?

MNMSpecial said...

I'm bummed you can't make it out to Austin, but better to be a healthy you than a very sick sick girl on vacation.
You have a well laid out plan of action ahead of you and I know you can rebound from all these frustrating obstacles.
Love that your husband is your go to! What a wonderful thing to have :)

Big Hugs!

kia said...

LOL, I knew exactly what you were talking about with your post title. I giggle at that kind of talk, so immature!

I for one am sad you won't be in Austin. I will be singing the praises of ChristlikeMONEY while we are there though (that nickname tonight was awesome).

Good luck rebounding this week from those 8 pounds. I gained 12 recently and it is not flying off like the way it came on (I gained on purpose when I temporarily lost my milk supply). Baby steps for ya... you know this. Water, veggies, rest, etc.

MrsFatass said...

I am totally laughing at the dropping the kids off at the pool. That was so funny.

You'll get yourself righted this week. And you're so correct about the walking. I have to take special care to keep the kids dropped off all the time, and keeping moving FOR SURE keeps things moving.

HEE. Silliest comment ever.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

When I saw the title to your post, I knew it was going to be about gastro-intestinal issues. I hate this for you! Yes, all of those things will definitely help get things "moving." If you need more ideas on getting fiber, let me know. Remember, I AM The Regulator! *tee hee*

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Yep! once a month after tracking this for nearly two years I can count on week of seriously excessive water weight! It will leave though. Hang in there!!

SalemMomma said...

I know that this weight will be off in no time, but it still sucks seeing the scale say a number we don't want. You have a good plan to get rid of it though! Sorry about not being able to go to Fitcation this year. All of us stay-behinds will have to have a Twitter party or chat or something.