Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why I want to be a #Mamavation Mom - Day 4 - I don't want them to hurt.

See Days 1 & 2 and Day 3...

Day 3 - I don't want them to hurt. "Them" being my family and friends. I have lost so many people in my life due to weight related issues. Obesity kills. That is something that is not communicated enough. Sure, I believe that people should love themselves, no matter how they look, but we should also love ourselves enough to care how our health, sickness or even death may affect those around us. I am talking to myself here! I need to be the next Mamavation Mom to finally be taught how to do the right things! I can't do this on my own, I have tried, and failed. I need the support, and guidance from the Mamavation Sisterhood and Coaching Team. Even though this bootcamp is only 8 weeks long, that is 8 weeks of change, 8 weeks of finally focusing on me! For them.

If you want to show your support, please tweet the following, or head on over to the Mamavation Facebook page and let Leah, @bookieboo know that I inspire you!
"Hey @bookieboo! I want @christlikemommy to be the next #Mamavation" Mom. She has my support!"

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Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

I'be been drafting a post in my mind about this very topic - do you love yourself enough to show your body how much you love it? We love our kids - sacrificing to breastfeed them, give them healthy foods & encourage their activity in sports, but do we love ourselves enough to do the same?

Good luck in the campaign Kimberly! I have a feeling you love yourself & family enough to do what you need to do to be healthy even without being mamavation mom. You're so inspiring!