Friday, December 24, 2010

Why I want to be a #Mamavation Mom - Final Day 10 - Just for me.

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Day 10 - My children are still very young. However, they are not so young that they take up every minute of my free time like I try to let on. It's time I start focusing on me. More time planning meals, for me, more time planning activity, for me. I know it is great to get the whole family involved in all of these things, and in time, that will come. But I need to get myself to a state of mind where taking care of myself is routine, a way of life. Then I am sure it will pass on to my children and husband. I want to be a Mamavation Mom so I, yes I, can start feeling better about myself, and shop where I want to shop, and be a good example for my children. I already feel a little selfish, but that is the state of mind I need to get out of. Moms, it is not selfish for us to want something only for ourselves. My something is to be healthy. And if I selfishly want this bad enough for myself, it will eventually be for them as well.

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