Tuesday, April 13, 2010

" Plant carrots in January and you'll never have to eat carrots." ~Author Unknown

(What a cute quote, huh?)

I have the "hankering" to plant a garden... Not a big one, just enough for a few veggies and some pretty flowers. The thought of sweet corn, right off the stalk is making my mouth water! I am hoping that our landlord will let me till a small garden in the grass beside our building. If not, I am sure I can do some container vegetable gardening. Anywho, If I get permission, I am planning on following a garden plot (pointed out to me by a good friend, Alice) from Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.

(Forgive the cell phone pictures, I am brainstorming all of this from work! Ha!)

Planning and Planting - The basics


Spring Garden


Summer and Fall


So, I will update soon! Hopefully I get the okay from the landlord... Then I will need to find a tiller to borrow!

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