Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tip the Scales Thursday (Linky)

(I know this is a little late in the day, but I had some unexpected errands come up earlier!)
The Battle of the Bulge. Sounds like it should be a sci-fi movie, huh? Mine would be titled, "Fat Wars: Return of the Elastic Pants". Okay, enough joking. I am WAY overweight, or technically, obese, or even further, morbidly obese. I have never really cared. Yes, occasionally I would run out of a store crying because I had to buy the next size up, but I would comfort myself with a milkshake, or chocolate chip cookie. When my husband and I got married, I weighed 9 lbs less than I do now, so, he "bought" me this way. I lost 50 pounds in 2007, gained it all back while pregnant in 2008, and have still not lost it and here we are in 2010. I am miserable. I look, with longing eyes, at the cute clothes in my closet that I was wearing a little over 2 years ago. So, it's time to do something. This blog has already motivated me to do so much in the past 3 weeks, that I figure, why not have a weigh in? That way I have all of you faithful followers to be accountable to. (Also, it's nice to have a cheerleader or two!) I am not following any fancy diet plan, just counting calories, and trying to get in more activity. My Wii Fit has been dormant for much too long. Tonight I shall hula hoop my hips away! :)
When I started my weight loss journey (again) I was at 284.
Today's Weigh-in: 282 (ouch)
That is actually a pound down from last week, so, go me!

Link up if you are interested in weighing-in with me every Thursday! Grab my button, and add it to your blog!

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