Friday, April 16, 2010

When do little boys grow up?

Does anyone have the answer? I would like to know so when it happens it doesn't smack me in the face. My oldest son, (my little man!), who is 4 years old went for an interview at the pre-school today. I have a big bag full of mixed emotions over this. I can't wait for him to make friends, learn new stuff, bring home creative little drawings and handwriting exercises so I can put them all over my fridge. But...I also want him to be my little man forever. I want to be able to hold him in my arms and not worry about whether or not he is embarrassed that mom is hugging him. I want to be able to exchange big sloppy kisses with him without him wondering if anybody was watching.

But my little man is excited about going to school, and can't wait to ride the big yellow bus. So I will smile on that first day. For him. But inside my heart will be crying. My baby is going to school.

A little piece of my heart was left at the pre-school today.

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