Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are you a scale hopper?

I am a self proclaimed scale hopper. My scale is usually sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor, so every time I am in there, I step on. I have heard that one who is trying to lose weight shouldn't weigh but once a week because it is easier to become discouraged seeing your weight fluctuate daily. (But then I have also read the opposite, that you should weigh multiple times a week for motivation) Either way, I weigh myself a lot. Especially when I am dieting, which is always. I have been better about it this week, particularly since my scale battery is dying and it just reads "LOW" every time I step on. And I normally don't have time to drag all the Wii equipment out just to weigh myself. But this morning I did. And now, I am with those who say once a week. I have lost 5 pounds this week!! It is much more gratifying to see one BIG number than a bunch of tiny ones! So, here's to no more scale hopping!

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