Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Love Story... 5 Years and Counting...

My husband and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this coming Friday. 
I feel like we have accomplished a great feat. 
We are still in love, and growing more in love every day.  
So in celebration, I am recounting our story... From day one.

Christ-Like Daddy (CLD) and I met six and a half years ago while working together at the local supercenter. I was always the bold type when it came to guys. I would approach them, and let them know how I felt (or didn't feel!). But the very first time I ever saw CLD, I was crushed. Love at first sight? Probably. I can't explain it any other way. I spent most every shift looking for him, watching for him to walk by so I could grin at him and try to obtain his attention. Well, CLD was not your typical male. I could have done cartwheels, jumping jacks and back-flips in front of him and he would not have been phased. As the days went by I became more and more obsessed with interested in him. I had gotten bold enough to say hi, or even whistle at him. The one night I finally decided to strike up a conversation my face was green and I was wearing a pointy hat. It was Halloween. We had a short conversation, I am not sure I even remember the content. I do, however, remember trying my best to flatter him, and watching him walk away, utterly impressed at how modest he was! (Which was a far cry from the past, ahem, boys I had dated.)

On the night of November 3rd, 2003, I decided that I was going to work (I was off that night) and track down CLD and at least give him my phone number. I got to the store, looked at the schedule, and learned that he too was off that day! I was so disappointed. So, I left. I exited through a different door than I entered, and started walking down the sidewalk to my car. As I was walking, I looked at a car driving by, and guess who was driving?! CLD! I told him to go park his car. So he did. While I waited for him to walk back to where I was standing, my mind was racing! What do I say, how do I look... Turns out he was (and is) a great conversationalist. We chatted that night for six hours in the middle of the parking lot. At the end of that night, he politely informed me that I was "officially off the market."

Come back tomorrow evening for more of the story!

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Sarah said...

Happy early anniversary! Our fifth was today..and we met November 4, '03 (it was 2 days after my birthday) and started dating November 19, '03 after we met at work (at a big grocery store..he had just started and I caught his attention by calling him over to my Uscan because I was bored and he was a newbie, lol). Crazy!